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Contact me using the form below. Tell me about yourself and your particular needs and goals. My rates are very reasonable. 






Sessions run 60 minutes unless otherwise specified by you. You are welcome to bring tracks to sing with or you own accompanist. 


I am also committed to helping people new at the “biz” get started on the right foot, so if you just have a question or two and you’d like some advice, feel free to send them along. Also, my dog will probably sit on your bookbag. Hope that's not a problem :)


I grew up in Kansas City and came to New York to attend the Drama division of the Julliard School. Although it was an intense environment, I received an invaluable level of training as an actor there. Voice, speech, and text interpretation were very strong at school and that knowledge has served me well in my professional career.


One of my early dreams was to work with Harold Prince and Stephen Sondheim and I realized this in my first two New York jobs: the original Broadway productions of Evita and Sunday in the Park with George. In Evita, I was pretty much fresh out of school and began learning the ropes of the professional musical theater scene working with the best of the business at the top of their form. I’ve done a number of musicals since then (you can look at my resume page if you want to see the whole shebang) and I’ve done a fair amount of plays as well. Most notable would be my relationship with the playwright David Ives, whose work I have premiered many times and my collaboration with John Epperson on his adaptation of Euripides' My Deah. I got an Obie for that one. Woot woot!!!


I have begun working with other actors in a singing/ acting coach capacity and have discovered another aspect of my career that I find exciting and gratifying on both a professional and a personal level: working with other actors as an acting and a singing coach, helping clients find a vibrancy and self-confidence in their work that gives them a distinct advantage in their lives as professional actors.


I am right in the heart of Manhattan and would be available to work with you on songs, plays, audition material for episodic TV, pilots, soaps, and film.





Diana DeGarmo

American Idol, The Toxic Avenger (Off broadway)

Nick Verina

Follies (Broadway) Grease (national tour)

Marla Mindelle

Cinderella (Broadway) Sister Act (Broadway) 

"Working with Nancy was both educational and enjoyable! She is a brilliant performer who understands how to give you the tools you need to ace any audition or better your craft overall. Plus, she's a lot of fun!"

 “Working with Nancy has given me a greater confidence when I walk into an audition.  Whether it is television or stage, comedy or drama, Nancy knows exactly how to bring the best of your abilities to the table to book the job”.

"Nancy is you know, A STAR, so she knows first hand how the audition process works. She is so smart and insightful with text. She breaks down each line and acting beat so you feel completely prepared walking into the audition room. Also when she sings super high, the dog tries to mimic her." 

Robert Stanton


"As someone who had never done a musical, nothing for me was scarier than auditioning for one on Broadway, until Nancy Opel coached me. She acknowledged my fear, and gave me systematic tools to help me prepare and to conquer it. I understood, thanks to her, that auditioning for a musical is not about getting the job; like all challenges, it's really about growing as a human being. I walked out feeling I had honored myself, and feeling very, very glad that I'd gone in."

Peggy J. Scott

"A wonderful playwright friend (David Ives) gave me Nancy's name when I was prepping a comic audition. I have gone back many times; no matter what the material is--theatre, television--Nancy offers a smart, insightful approaches to preparing the material. Caring and a delight to work with--I recommend her highly!"

J.P Makowski

"Coaching with Nancy has given me a fresh confidence, solid technique, and a healthy/realistic approach to the business which I didn't have before. It gave me skills and the humor to get through auditions, rehearsal, and everything else that came my way (not to mention grad school!) "


Nancy Opel


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